how to make a close friends story on instagram

Instagram’s Close Friends feature is all about sharing stories with a selected group. Launched in 2018, it introduced a new way to let your special people know what’s going on. It’s marked with a unique green circle to show it’s not for everyone to see.

This feature gives you privacy. Your Close Friends list is only visible to you. So, you can share more personal stuff knowing only those you picked will see it. The green ring around the stories tells them it’s just for them.

It’s easy to change who’s on your Close Friends list. You can add or remove people without them knowing. This gives you full control. You can make sure only those you really trust can see your private stories.

Sharing to Stories is on the rise, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, said in 2022. More people are choosing Stories over the main feed. This shows that features like Close Friends meet a big need. They help create closer, more private sharing spaces on the app.

What Is Instagram’s Close Friends List?

The Instagram Close Friends list started in 2018. It lets users pick who sees their special posts. This can be Stories, Notes, or feed posts. This makes sharing with people we trust easier.

Now, you can share updates with this list. You mark these Stories with a green circle. Anyone added won’t know others on the list, keeping it private. This way, you share things with special friends without everyone knowing.

Instagram Close Friends list

You can add as many friends as you want to this list. They can see your personal posts that others can’t. And they will know it’s something special by the green circle. It shows them you value their friendship.

Many people find good use for this, even brands and creators. They share exclusive looks or news with their most loyal fans. It builds a stronger community and makes their followers feel special.

Benefits of Using Instagram’s Close Friends Feature

Instagram’s Close Friends feature is great for keeping certain posts private yet engaging. It lets you choose who gets to see your stories, keeping them just for a select few. This is perfect for sharing personal or exclusive moments with those closest to you.

selective content sharing

Privacy and Selective Sharing

73% of users feel safer sharing their daily lives with their Close Friends on Instagram. These special stories are only visible to the people you pick. This helps you share more real-life moments without the pressure of looking perfect all the time.

It also meets a need for a more private Instagram experience. You’re able to let your guard down a bit, knowing who will see what you post. This way, you can be yourself without worrying about a carefully crafted image.

Enhanced Engagement

Using Close Friends doesn’t just keep your posts private; it also makes them more engaging. When you share with your chosen few, interactions can increase by 44%. While, in general, posts get fewer clicks, Close Friends posts enjoy a 32% increase.

This is because people pay more attention to messages meant just for them.
Millennials, especially, have taken to Close Friends, with 68% preferring it for their personal photos.

How To Create a Close Friends List on Instagram

Creating a Close Friends list on Instagram is useful for handling privacy. It lets you share special Stories with certain people. Those people will see a green circle around your story, not the usual pink and orange.

set up Instagram Close Friends

To get started with Instagram Close Friends, open the app and go to your profile. Then, touch the three lines in the top-right to open a menu. From there, choose “Close Friends.” You can then pick who to add to this list. They won’t know they’re on it, and no one else can see who’s in it.

This feature helps keep your sharing more private. You can change your list anytime, adding or taking away friends as needed. It’s great for adapting your privacy as you connect with different people and share various content.

By using Instagram Close Friends, you not only protect your privacy, but you also make your Instagram feed more focused and engaging. It works well for personal users and brands wanting to create a special online space. Managing who sees what helps strengthen your social media presence.

How to Make a Close Friends Story on Instagram

Making a Close Friends Story is an easy way to keep privacy. You pick who sees your special content. Start with a photo or video for your story. Then, hit the green star at the bottom left. This makes the story visible only to friends on your list. The green star shows you’re sharing with your closest circle.

Customizing your Instagram story is important for engaging your followers. The Close Friends feature lets you control who views your shared content. You can manage your Close Friends list anytime. This makes it easy to change who gets to see your personal stories. With this feature, you can regularly update who is included. This ensures only your selected group sees your exclusive posts.

How To Edit Your Close Friends List

In 2018, Instagram introduced the Close Friends feature. It lets people share private content with only a select few. Managing this list is easy. It helps you make sure your feed fits your current preferences and social circles.

Adding People

Adding someone to your Close Friends list is simple. First, go to your profile settings and choose “Close Friends.” Then, you can easily find people you want to add. This way, you can keep your list full of friends, family, and important contacts.

Removing People

Taking someone off your Close Friends list is also easy. Just go back to your settings, locate the person, and press “Remove.” This keeps your private posts just for your closest friends. And, no one is told when they’re added or taken off your list.

Sharing Instagram Feed Posts With Close Friends

Instagram’s Close Friends feature started in 2018. It lets users share Stories and Notes with select people. This makes sharing more private and close. People are now not posting as much on their main feed. They share more through Stories and DMs. So, Instagram plans to let users share private feed posts with close friends.

More Than Just Stories

Today, fewer people share on their main Instagram feed. A new update will let users share regular feed posts with Close Friends. This will help bring more life to the platform. The shared posts will have a green border to show they are for friends only. This aims to bring back that personal, behind-the-scenes vibe of Instagram’s early days. The goal is to make deeper connections through more personal content.

Future Prospects

This feature is a big chance for brands and creators. They can give special content to their biggest fans. Instagram users share more often through Stories and DMs. Yet, Instagram wants to make the main feed more active. They hope more private sharing will do this. It’s about turning the focus back to sharing on the main grid.

This change promises more unique and personal content. It keeps the Close Friends list special. You can add as many people as you want. This gives you full control to pick who sees your private posts.


Instagram’s Close Friends feature is a key element for privacy and building close connections on the platform. It represents a big change towards focused and deep interactions online. You get to choose who views your posts and stories, making it possible to share personal moments with those who matter most without the entire world seeing it.

The Close Friends list is carefully picked and often updated. This not only improves how you interact but also makes your time on Instagram better. The Close Friends Feed gets rid of distracting posts, making everything you see more important. It helps in creating a real online community by focusing on sharing with a specific group, leading to more authentic online friendships.

With more than 100 million users already using Close Friends, its effect on Instagram sharing is clear. The special mark on shared things shows they are meant for just a few. And as more updates come, this feature will get even better for personal connections. It promotes thinking before sharing, allowing people to keep their story and online image under their own control. In the end, Instagram’s Close Friends is driving meaningful connections in a world that’s more digitally connected.

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