how to remove grimace shake in capcut

The Grimace Shake trend has taken social media by storm, but sometimes, you can edit out this effect from your videos for a cleaner, more polished look. CapCut, a popular video editing app, makes removing unwanted effects, including the Grimace Shake, easy. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to remove Grimace Shake in CapCut.

Understanding the CapCut Grimace Shake Problem

Understanding the CapCut Grimace Shake Problem

The “Grimace Shake” issue in CapCut typically refers to an unwanted shaky or jittery effect that can appear in videos. While famous for adding dramatic or fun elements to videos, this effect may need to be removed for a cleaner look. Here’s a guide on how to address this issue effectively using CapCut:

What is the Grimace Shake Effect?

The Grimace Shake is a video effect that creates a shaking or jittery motion, often used to add drama or humor to clips. It’s gained popularity on platforms like TikTok, but it’s not always a welcome addition​. This guide will help you understand how to control and remove this effect when it’s not desired.

How to Remove the Grimace Shake in CapCut?

How to Remove Grimace Shake in CapCut?

Step 1: Download and Install CapCut

Download Process

  1. Launch the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.
  2. Search for “CapCut.”
  3. For the app to download and install, click “Install” or “Get”.

Step 2: Open CapCut and Create a New Project

  1. Open the CapCut app.
  2. Tap on the “New Project” button.
  3. Select the video you want to edit from your gallery and tap “Add.”

Step 3: Locate the Grimace Shake Effect

  1. Play your video to identify the segment where the Grimace Shake effect is applied.
  2. At the beginning of the Grimace Shake effect, pause the video.

Step 4: Split the Clip

  1. With the video paused at the start of the Grimace Shake effect, tap the “Split” button in the toolbar.
  2. Play the video until the Grimace Shake effect ends, and pause again.
  3. Tap the “Split” button again to isolate the segment with the Grimace Shake effect.

Step 5: Remove the Grimace Shake Segment

  1. Tap the isolated clip containing the Grimace Shake effect.
  2. Tap the “Delete” button (trash can icon) to remove the segment from your timeline.

Step 6: Fill the Gap

  1. If there is a gap in your timeline after removing the segment, drag the remaining clips to fill the space.
  2. Ensure the transition between clips is smooth. I suggest adding a transition effect for a seamless look.

Step 7: Review and Edit

  1. Play the video from the beginning to ensure the Grimace Shake effect has been successfully removed.
  2. Make any additional edits, such as adjusting the timing, adding transitions, or enhancing the video with filters and effects.

Step 8: Export and Save Your Video

  1. Once satisfied with the edits, tap the export button (up arrow) in the top right corner.
  2. Choose your desired resolution and frame rate.
  3. Tap “Export” to save the edited video to your device.

Tips for a Smooth Editing Process

Tips for a Smooth Editing Process

  • Precision: Zoom in on the timeline for more precise splitting and editing.
  • Transitions: Use transitions to smooth out abrupt changes between clips.
  • Backup: Always keep a copy of the original video before making any edits.


Removing the Grimace Shake effect in CapCut is straightforward. It involves splitting and deleting the affected segment and smoothing out the transition. Following these steps, you can easily edit your videos to remove unwanted effects and create a polished final product.

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