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Uber One is here to change how we think about rideshare and delivery deals. Created by Awaneesh Verma, this membership offers a lot, like no delivery fees and big savings on food delivery. Launched on November 17, 2021, Uber One raises the bar for Uber users, offering a smoothly rich subscription service that fits what people want today.

The core of Uber One is its clear pricing. For $9.99 each month or $99 each year, members get many special offers. These include avoiding delivery fees on Uber Eats, a 10% discount on orders, and 5% off on Uber rides. It’s perfect for those always on the move or enjoying a meal at home.

But Uber One is more than just about saving money. It promises a top-notch experience every time. This means priority support, top-rated drivers, and $5 back in Uber Cash if your ride’s late. It’s all about trust, comfort on the road, and special food moments, giving peace of mind to frequent riders and food lovers.

Introduction to Uber One Membership

The Uber One program started in November 2021. It’s a modern rideshare and food delivery subscription service. This program is perfect for those who use transportation and food services often. It brings together rideshare and food delivery options in one convenient place.

Introduction to Uber One Membership

For a cost of $9.99 monthly or $99.99 annually, Uber One members get great perks. They get up to 10% off on food and groceries plus a 5% discount on rides. If a delivery is late, they earn $5 in Uber Cash.

But wait, there’s more. Free delivery is available for food orders exceeding $15 and grocery orders exceeding $30.. This subscription is great for anyone who orders regularly. Plus, members can earn up to 6% in Uber Cash on rides, saving money all around.

Uber One also has special deals with partners like Capital One. These partnerships offer cashback and other deals, making the service even more valuable. This all-inclusive service keeps users coming back and transforms the way people use Uber’s services.

What is Uber One Membership?

Uber One membership blends the key elements of Uber membership perks into a single, sleek package. It offers a unified Uber experience known for its convenience and saving money. This membership brings together Uber’s services under one subscription. It makes accessing rides and food delivery easier. With Uber One, you get a range of perks to improve your daily life, from going to work to planning meals.

Being part of the Uber One program means you save on rides and deliveries. You get discounted trips and no delivery fees on certain Uber Eats orders. Holders of cards such as Capital One Savor and Quicksilver receive 10% cashback on Uber Eats. They also get Uber One credits and extra rewards that boost their savings.

This membership also includes perks like always paying $0 for delivery on selected Uber Eats orders. If you order from Uber Eats a lot, this could save you a significant amount. You’ll also get up to 10% off on other qualifying orders, making Uber Eats even better for food and grocery shopping.

Uber membership perks for rides include top driver priority and reliable, enjoyable travel. Spending a minimum amount at partner places removes the delivery fees. This helps members budget better. You can easily manage or cancel your membership through the Uber or Uber Eats app. This shows Uber’s focus on making things easy for its users.

And that’s not all. Members can also earn rewards by bringing new members on board. When you refer someone to Uber One, you get Uber credits. This sharing feature highlights Uber One’s community-focused and growth-minded nature. It encourages both joining and contributing to the program while reaping its rewards.

What is Uber One Membership?

Key Benefits of Joining Uber One

An Uber One membership brings many exclusive perks for your daily travel and delivery needs. It ensures you save money and enjoy top-notch quality on every trip or delivery.

Top-Rated Drivers and Priority Service

Members of Uber One are matched with top-rated drivers, ensuring a reliable and high-quality ride. The quick pickup service reduces waiting times. This feature boosts your satisfaction with every ride.

Member Pricing and Uber Cash Rewards

Uber One offers significant savings through a special pricing model. Members get a 5% discount on eligible rides and up to 10% off on food and grocery orders. Plus, they earn 6% back in Uber Cash on rides. This makes each trip or order more valuable.

Unlimited $0 Delivery Fee

One of the biggest perks of Uber One is the unlimited $0 delivery fee for certain orders. Members don’t pay for delivery on food orders over $15 and grocery orders over $30. This feature saves on costs for everyday purchases.

It works for last-minute meals or weekly shopping, offering big savings.

Exclusive Access to Perks and Special Offers

Exclusive Access to Perks and Special Offers

Besides saving money, Uber One offers access to premium support and special deals. Members get invites to exclusive events like concerts and cooking classes. This, along with unique customer support, enhances the overall membership experience.

Membership Cost Analysis

Deciding whether to join Uber One means looking at costs and benefits. This membership offers both ride sharing and delivery discounts that save money. We will show the value of monthly and annual subscriptions and what they offer.

Monthly vs. Annual Membership Plans

Choosing between monthly or yearly Uber One plans affects your savings. Picking the $99.99 yearly plan over $9.99 each month saves you almost $20. This discount means you get more without the higher cost, showing Uber One is a good deal.

Calculating Potential Savings with Uber One

Joining Uber One brings many savings and extras beyond the membership price. Members can save up to 10% on most deliveries and get a 5% discount on groceries over $35. Plus, they can earn 6% as Uber Cash on rides, making each trip more affordable.

But, the savings with Uber One are more than just money. They also save you time with quicker deliveries. Plus, you get special customer support. This combined savings and value makes Uber One a top choice for many.

Easy Steps to Sign Up for Uber One

Getting started with an Uber app membership is smooth and fits right into your life. If you like taking rides or ordering food often, rideshare subscription enrollment is simple. Just open the Uber or Uber Eats app on your phone to sign up for Uber One.

To find the Uber One option, start by tapping your account icon. You will see the many perks included, like $0 delivery fees and 10% off some orders. Next, pick the plan you want. You can go for the year at $99 or monthly at $9.99.

After you choose, your plan will renew automatically. You can also change or stop your membership anytime in the app. This means Uber One is good for everyone, whether you use Uber a lot or only sometimes.

With the Uber One rideshare subscription enrollment, you’ll get more than just savings. You’ll enjoy special services to make your Uber use even better. Remember, signing up through the Uber app gives you easy access to great offers and benefits.

Exclusive Features Only for Uber One Members

Uber One Membership is perfect for anyone who loves rideshares. It offers special features that make every trip better. Imagine having luxury rides to everywhere that fits your personal style.

Luxury Car Access and Customization

With Uber One, you can choose the kind of car you want each time you ride. You might pick a luxury car or something eco-friendly. This choice blends style with being kind to the planet, offering both luxury and green solutions.

Member-Only Exclusive Deals and Events

Being an Uber One member means you get more than just rides. You also get special deals and invites to events. These could be anything from fancy meals to discounts on luxury items.


Joining Uber One benefits frequent rideshare and delivery users by offering convenience and cost savings. This membership, available in various plans, provides efficient and budget-friendly travel and food delivery options. Members enjoy 5% off rides, no surge prices, priority customer support, and free trials, with savings of up to 20% on rides and 10% on food orders. Uber values its customers through many benefits and easy cancellation, allowing perks until the billing period ends. Uber One reflects Uber’s commitment to safety, ease, and savings in today’s tech-driven world.

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